Thigh High Stocking Designer Extraordinaire by Vienne Milano

Joining us this week on Fashion Crimes Podcast is Vienne Brown, thigh high stocking designer extraordinaire and founder of Vienne Milano. Vienne Milano is the first luxury hosiery brand and online boutique dedicated exclusively to thigh high stockings, created in Italy. Vienne has been featured on Fox, Good Morning America, Spark and Hustle by Tori, and New York Fashion Week. 

She’s here to talk to us about all things thigh high! She’s breaking away from the drab pantyhose fashion of years past and creating fun, affordable, and luxury thigh highs tailored to fit anyone, regardless of size or gender. Tune in for this fun conversation and see why we’re so intrigued about these luxurious thigh highs.

In This Episode:

  • [05:48] Holly asks Vienne the ultimate question, are thigh high stockings back in style?
  • [10:00] Can women who are curvy wear thigh high stockings and have them stay in place?
  • [12:12] Vienne shares her inspiration, design ideas and products available for purchase.  
  • [13:40] Why she chose to have her stockings created in Italy.
  • [16:14] Thigh highs can be worn by both men and women.
  • [18:40] Advice on giving to those who are wanting to get started in the lingerie, hosiery, or thigh high stockings business.
  • [20:42] How she is growing and expanding her business to incorporate other products.
  • [28:29] How she transitioned her career in the direction of creating thigh high stockings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Breaking away from the stigma that thigh high stockings are only for a certain size or gender – Vienne Milano stockings are for everyone, regardless of size or gender!
  • Vienne provides high quality, affordable thigh high stockings- you don’t need to break the bank to own a pair of these fun stockings
  • Thigh highs do not need to be drab and boring! Vienne proves how much fun you can have by incorporating thigh highs with your fashion
  • Why, as an American business, are Vienne Milano stockings made in Italy? She shares her story of why she fell in love with Italy and why she chose to have her stockings created in Italy.


Links Mentioned:

Vienne Milano Website 

Vienne Milano Instagram 

Vienne Milano Facebook 

Vienne Milano Twitter 

Vienne Milano Pinterest 



  • When you’re in the business of fashion, you’re not selling sanity, you’re selling someone vanity. What can I provide that can make a woman feel good and look good? That’s why I’m in the business of vanity. – Vienne Brown
  • “I love anybody who’s trying to make American women more glamorous” -Nolan

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