The Deal With Denim | EP 65

What’s Up? What’s the haps fashion friends?! We are getting down with denim this week! Holly’s been getting so many questions and emails…are skinny jeans out? Are they over? What if I don’t like flare?

Did you know that for 150 years – that’s right, one hundred and fifty years – denim has been a staple of the American wardrobe? Don’t get caught in the hype of what people say is “trending” for jeans, because this is a staple in your wardrobe that will not change – unless your specific body type changes.

On this week’s episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast, Holly will clear up any denim confusion, misconception, bewilderment or skepticism right here and right now.  We also talk about a fun vintage shopping adventure and some client styling projects she has been working on. 

First, Holly reminds us that the fashion cycles run on 20 years. So, what the hell does that mean? It means what was popular 20 years ago, is popular again now because people who were not born 20 years ago, are seeing the trend for the first time.  #ugh #teenagers #sonotyoung

Now, in the case of denim, what we’re seeing now is that LOW RISE FLAIR denim is back.  #omg #pleasestop

Sorry to say it, but it was popular in the 70s. It was popular in the 90s. And now, it’s popular again. Just to be clear: this particular denim trend skews pretty young. 

Like really young. Like baby-young.

As a popular personal stylist, Holly has been getting a lot of questions lately asking about this particular trend, and if people should try them. For the love of GOD, skinny jeans are not out. 

People need to know what the jean trends are! All you need to know if this; just say no to crack; not a good look.

Holly has explained this on many occasions, so just remember.  Whatever body type is your body type, that is the type of jeans you need. 

Jeans that fit you properly will never go out of style. Live it, learn it, love it.

So, if you love high-waisted jeans that are skinny, and that’s the support you need for your specific body type – that will never go out of style, FOR YOU. Don’t buy into the trend hype.

Denim never goes out of style. But here are come key guidelines to consider when choosing your jeans:

  1. Shop for Fit: What is the support you need? Are you extra tall? Are you extra short? Are you thick in the middle? Do you need but support?  Find the fit you want then the colors you like within that style.
  2. Color: Holly likes to tell her clients they need a couple of light jeans, a couple of dark, and one or two pair of black jeans. Your jeans should be different brands not all the same. And try to get a variation of colors and rinses if possible.
  3. Price Points: Expensive does not mean better. You can spend $278 on a pair of jeans or you can spend $78 on a pair of jeans. Why? Because of the garment construction and the treatment of the fabric. The more involved the dye process is the more expensive they will be. Shop within your budget, If you’re not sure how to do this; just send an email. 
  4. And what is a Denim Fashion Crime? JEGGINGS. Holly starts using her swear words when she gets to the part in the episode about jeggings. You’ll see. DON’T DO IT.

Next, Holly shares her adventures from the Manhattan Vintage Show, featuring vintage dealers that are pretty high end from all over the country. It was a clothing explosion – and total sensory overload – but, oh so fabulous! Like Candy Land for clothes.

Holly shares a key insight about vintage or secondhand denim – or any item – and that is things were made a long time ago. So of course, they’re not going to fit the same as they would now. If you’re buying to wear, do not buy or purchase any jeans or items that are vintage or secondhand unless you could try them on. 

Fun Finds for Holly? A new BFFF (best fashion friend forever) from Etéreo Vintage; and #YvesSaintLaurent dress; chunky and huge statement jewelry; hats, furs, leathers from all eras – basically everything she saw. Check out the Holly Katz Styling Instagram for photos!

The fun of the vintage show, and a styling tip to consider, is it is a great way to build on your style collection. If you are struggling with having your style evolve, going to some place like a vintage store or a consignment store might just spark some interest in you and give you a little inspiration!

Build a collection of things you love, things that speak to you and things that – of course – fit you well. It’s an investment in YOU and your fashion happiness. You got this.

And speaking of happy, Holly has been working her style magic with some special clients this week. Holly helps many clients virtually via her Pinterest Boards, to help guide them on what to wear and where to buy things.  The shared Boards a fun way to visually see key pieces or whole outfits. 

But sometimes, clients panic a bit after purchasing one or two items and then aren’t sure what to wear them with. Holly wants you all to calm the down. Don’t be afraid to mix your jackets with your pants and skirts. Loosen the reins a little bit and don’t overthink it.

Don’t trip up on the details of coordinating every single thing down to the shoe.

And not to stress you out more, but Holly is here to remind you that the holidays are coming up and Hanukkah is super early this year! Don’t wait to start planning or shopping for your holiday wardrobe, or you will be one #hotmess. 

Stay tuned for the fabulous gift guide coming soon!

With love, 

– Holly Katz, your favorite personal stylist, and let’s be honest, the only Holly you need to know you know.

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