Style vs. Weight with Cathryn Marshall | EP 181

Fashion besties…it’s Holly Katz, your favorite personal stylist and the hostess with the mostest, bringing you another fabulous episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast.

This week, we’re diving into a very important topic for our Fashion Besties Over 40: “Style vs. Weight” with the amazing Cathryn Marshall. Get ready to be inspired, as we explore how fashion and fitness intersect to create confidence and style, regardless of your size!

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About Cathryn Marshall

Cathryn Marshall is not just a phenomenal guest; she’s a powerhouse in the world of health and wellness. As a serial entrepreneur based in Atlanta, Cathryn has her hands on numerous projects, ranging from philanthropy to online business coaching.

She’s incredibly passionate about mental health and has made a significant impact as a health and nutrition expert. With a background in personal training and sales marketing, Cathryn has clocked over 50,000 hours in the industry and leads a health accelerator coaching company where she certifies other coaches​​.

Key Topics and Discussions

1. Style Versus Weight Debate:
Exploring the relationship between personal style and weight, and how they influence self-confidence and image. We delve into how one’s perception of their body can affect their fashion choices and vice versa, discussing ways to break free from societal norms and stereotypes.
2. Cathryn’s Expertise in Health and Nutrition:
Cathryn shares her journey in the health industry, highlighting how her approach to fitness and nutrition has evolved to focus on holistic well-being.
3. Impact of Fashion on Self-Perception:
How clothing choices and fashion sense can affect one’s self-esteem and body image. We discuss the psychological effects of dressing well and how fashion can be used as a tool for self-empowerment and positive body image.
4. Personal Stories and Experiences:
Personal anecdotes and experiences are highlighted to illustrate the journey towards embracing style irrespective of weight.  We shed light on the challenges and triumphs of finding personal style and how it can and SHOULD work for you, not against you.
5. Practical Tips and Advice:
Stay tuned for actionable tips for listeners to improve their style and health, regardless of their body type or fitness level. We provide easy-to-follow fashion and wellness tips that listeners can incorporate into their daily lives.
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Cathryn Marshall was not only enlightening but also a true testament to the power of embracing your unique style and taking control of your health.

Her journey and expertise remind us that style isn’t confined to a specific weight or body type.

Remember, fashion is for everyone, and it’s all about feeling confident and fabulous in your skin! 

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