NYFW Fall 2023 Recap | EP 161

Holly is hot off the runway at New York Fashion Week’s Fall 2023 shows and filled to the brim with fresh fashion knowledge just for you! Your Favorite Personal Stylist attended several fashion shows to get the scoop on what designers are showing so you can get the very first, exclusive info straight from the runways! 

Holly’s NYFW adventures were something ‘extra’ this year, thanks to the kindness of Fern Mallis, who is the queen of Fashion Week (she’s the one who actually started it back in the 1980s.) This is her 30th anniversary of going to the shows and she was kind enough to let Holly pal around with her for one of the days!

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 09: Fern Mallis attends the LaPointe fashion show during New York Fashion Week - September 2023 on September 09, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images)


The Supima Cotton Design Competition. Globally recognized and acclaimed American fashion designer, Jeremy Scott, hosted the 16th annual Supima Design Competition, where eight finalists from the nation’s leading design schools showcased exceptional individual creativity and design talent with eveningwear capsule collections created entirely with SUPIMA cotton fabrics and competed for a $10,000 prize.    

SUPIMA, the non-profit luxury brand that promotes the use of American-grown Pima cotton around the world, named Carla Pierini of Drexel University as the winner of the 2023 SUPIMA Design Competition.  


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Thursday night, Holly went to the “Fashion Icons” series at the 92nd Street Y where Fern Mallis conducts her annual interviews with influential designers, models and people in the fashion industry. She was in a conversation with the imaginative Gabriela Hearst, where she detailed her route to a career in fashion and how sustainability practices are a way of life for her.  


For those of you who watched the inauguration of President Biden, she designed the look for Dr. Jill Biden, that was made from all deadstock fabric (materials existing from available fabrics to minimize the impact on the environment) and was embroidered with all the flowers from all 50 states.  

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 09: Fern Mallis attends the LaPointe fashion show during New York Fashion Week – September 2023 on September 09, 2023, in New York City. (Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images)


Designer Jonathan Cohen’s Fashion Presentation: A presentation is a more intimate version of a fashion show. It’s like a small party. You can meet the designer, touch the fabrics, talk to the design team, and more. Born of parents from Mexico and San Diego, Jonathan is known for his artistic Mexican prints, patterns, and colors. The laid-back ease of the San Diego surf culture and the modern city approach have manifested into what the brand has become. #GORGEOUS!  

Also, Holly MAY OR MAY NOT have new boots arriving soon from his new shoe collection.  

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As you should know, Proenza Schouler is one of Holly’s go-to and favorite brands. The lines are sleek and modern, and very unique. The clothes are very simple this season with lots of flowy fabrics and neutral colors. You don’t see anything else like it. And it’s absolutely wearable 

They also have a slightly lower price line called Proenza White Label. If you’re interested in trying it, this is a great option to see if you like the fit and the aesthetic of the brand without spending a ton. 


Holly has mentioned this brand before, but she has not seen Sally LaPointe show since she first started going to fashion week, about six years ago.  

HOWEVER! This show, according to Your Favorite Personal Stylist, was the best one of the week. It literally took place on a sidewalk, taking over Crosby Street in NYC. This season’s line has notes of streetwear, with lots of colored feathers, lime green, chain mail and metallics. The feather-lined and sequined ensembles are a staple in many party-loving downtown New Yorkers’ closets. 

And then there were the thigh-high silver boots, and that was THE END for Holly. #TrueLove  

(Sally doesn’t know it yet, but the Holly Train is about to roll up in there to start her Sally LaPointe journey. JUSSAYIN’)  

LaPointe’s clothing might appear slightly eccentric to the average person—she had crowds of pedestrians gathered around the outdoor show, causing a traffic jam.  


The PatBO brand is another NYFW favorite. The designer, Patricia, is Brazilian. Her clothes are crocheted and beaded and very tropical. She makes beaded pants and flowy evening gowns that are cruise and resort-worthy. She also creates gorgeous swimsuit cover-ups with unbelievable cuts and the richest colors. 


Dell Scott is a magnificent designer from Philadelphia. This was a first-time show for Holly, and it was worth it. This designer hasbeautiful evening wear collection of dresses, both short and long, with beading and ruffles. She hadfew dresses that Holly absolutely loved 

One was a hot pink, very low cut with a vertical dress, with up and down ruffles. She styled it with a really wide black belt because the ruffles were vertical. It literally looked like a hot pink cotton ball.  The other was a very, very bold purple bright purple two-piece top and skirt with a banded waist and the top was a one-shoulder crop top with a flower on the shoulder.  

There was more, but you need to listen to the full episode to get the true flavor of the week – as ONLY Holly can give. LISTEN HERE NOW!  

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