Nolan’s Birthday Episode!!!!

Happy Birthday Nolan!!!!

It’s the because it’s Nolan’s birthday today!!! So, Nolan had massive birthday plans for the first time, and obvi Covid threw a wrench in that process. Well, he still had a fantastic week as he was in INSTYLE mag this month! WHAT?!?! Best. Birthday. GIft. Ever. We chat all about his shopping trip in Boston, Nolan finally practicing his driving and spills the tea about his new fashionista friend in Maine. Plus, Nolan reveals why Gucci is SO annoying, and we talk about the Super Bowl of Fashion AKA H&M’s Simone Rocha Collection that sold out at record speed.


In This Episode:

  • [02:45] Nolan’s big birthday party plans!!  
  • [09:40] Finally, Nolan has some amazing friends in Maine – including a social media fashionista.
  • [12:10] Holly has been on Nolan’s ASS about driving – she needs a DD!!   
  • [14:00] All about Nolan’s birthday shopping trip in Boston.  
  • [18:30] The reason that Gucci is SO annoying. 
  • [22:30] The exciting gifts that Nolan got for his birthday. 

    [25:40] Did you see the Simone Rocha pieces at H&M?! 

  • Key Takeaways:
  • Are you having a rough week? Laughter is good for your soul and your overall health – find someone who makes you laugh in public! 
  • It’s okay to buy yourself a birthday present – after all, you know yourself best! 
  • H&M is great for fashion-forward pieces without breaking the bank. 
  • Simone Rocha is a QUEEN – her work is dramatic and fabulous. 


Links Mentioned:


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Simone Rocha


Simone Rocha + H&M

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