Lingerie Designer Masha Titov of TITOV Label

Today on Fashion Crimes, we are joined by Masha Titov, a fierce, badass woman who started a lingerie line called TITOV that has limited drops, inclusivity of sizes, and NO underwire (good riddance! Am I right?!). As a production manager at Yeezy, Masha was working long hours traveling to manufacturing facilities. In the middle of a 109° day, wires digging in and boob sweat in all, she took off my bra at work. Embarrassed and annoyed, she made it her mission to create lingerie that doesn’t distract her from her busy life. She’s inspired to bring women lingerie that feels special and like it was made for them.

TITOV has been featured on Boston Globe, NBC, ELLE, Boston Magazine, along side with hosting pop ups in collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff (we love a good Rebecca Minkoff moment), private pop ups in Milan, Italy during fashion week, and virtual events supporting great causes like I Support The Girls. She’s here today to share why she decided to start a lingerie line and speak about her dreams for the future of her TITOV; you won’t want to miss it!

In This Episode:


  • [03:43] Masha’s quest to make the bras that are comfortable, supportive, pretty, unique and don’t give you the dreaded uni-boob that sports bras do (thank you!).
  • [08:07] The exhausting process Masha goes through to source elastics from manufacturers 
  • [12:29] Masha prides her company on exceptional customer service.
  • [18:42] How long TITOV Label has been in business and how people are finding out about TITOV.
  • [24:05] What Masha’s vision for the future for TITOV Label is and what she would like to achieve.
  • [27:22] Debunking myths around how to wash and maintain the life of her bras.
  • [33:05] Where to find Masha on the Internet.


Key Takeaways:

  • A bra with no underwire doesn’t have to be mundane or boring, Masha proves that with her lingerie line, TITOV Label, where she creates comfortable, supportive, and unique bras in an assortment of sizes.
  • Masha’s number one priority in her business is customer service. Her label provides exceptional customer service that she prides herself on.
  • Properly taking care of your bras will extend their life. Masha provides tips to keep her bras in good, lasting condition.
  • Offering exclusive sizing is important to Masha, providing everyone with the opportunity to become a customer.
  • How Masha is networking and promoting her business. She credits Pinterest as a good tool to get new eyes on her products.


Links Mentioned:

TITOV Label Website – 

TITOV Label Instagram –

TITOV Label Facebook – 

TITOV Label Twitter – 

TITOV Label TikTok – 

TITOV Label Pinterest – 


—End of show notes —


  • “I like to say he (Nolan) has seen more boobs in his lifetime than most straight men.” – Holly
  • “I would say that’s like my number one, it’s always my number one. I will drop everything to answer customer service.” – Masha Titov
  • “If you’re thinking about being a fashion designer, if you’re thinking about your product, a story, anything, if you try it, the universe will align” – Holly
  • “A big, big thing. Don’t hang your bras off the straps when you store them.” – Masha Titov
  • “I put on the other day, like my crazy outfit, just to go to the coffee shop. Cause I was like, you know what? I have no other excuse to wear this stuff.” – Nolan

Listen now!

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  1. These two are absolutely hysterical – and also, know so much about how to dress for whomever you are – wherever you are in your life.
    Listen and learn, and you will gain confidence by knowing how to dress for YOU! Not to be like everyone else. Holly and Nolan are not to be missed!

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