International Personal Stylist- Traci Jeske

Holly and Nolan are living la dolce vita-style this week, people! Not only are we talking Italy, but Canada, Dubai, and more.

We are so freaking honored to welcome special guest Traci Jeske this week.  She is the director of En Vogue Stylist and an internationally certified Personal Stylist who helps women over 40 and beyond level up their glamour game to unapologetically create and live their best and most stylish second acts ever. Traci was born and bred in Canada before establishing her stylish, stiletto-sharp brand in Italy (via Australia, btw) where she has lived for the last 20 years.


In this episode, Traci tells us how she loves to blend Italian ‘la dolce vita’ with her flair for fashion and style. She divulges her styling experiences of over 30 years in the fashion industry, and reveals her tips for helping women find their unique style. 

Traci is SO CHIC, Nolan can hardly stand it. She just oozes international charm, style and coolness – and now -Holly and Nolan have invited themselves to Milan next summer. Holly loves Traci, and Nolan loves Canada (because meds are cheap?), and no one can agree if they really like Balenciaga Crocs or not. It’s a hot mess, so you’ll just have to try to keep up.

Travel along as we follow Traci’s professional styling stories from Canada to Australia to London – and then to Dubai – where everyone literally dresses like the Kardashians, and Traci made the mistake one time of taking a cab instead of a Rolls Royce. Well, duh! How embarrassing. 


Styling gigs in Europe, international designer fashion shows, living in Italy, and being a WOMAN OF AGE – we use all of our swear words through it all! 

In This Episode:



  • [1:35]  Nolan suggests that PERHAPS Holly’s weekly intros of him as her best gay each week are a tad too long…?
  • [2:31]  Traci dares to ask Nolan if it’s okay if she wears Balenciaga Crocs.
  • [3:48]  Nolan confesses his secret lust for Canada, and lists his reasons as to why.
  • [5:19]  Holly learns that her favorite photo of Traci was actually shot on the French Riviera, and thus, we get off subject (again).
  • [7:24]  We learn how Traci went to Australia, returned to Canada, and met her Italian husband.
  • [9:45]  Hear why Traci turned to her unique fashion style instead of learning Italian.
  • [13:50]  Traci shares what to expect when traveling and styling in Dubai. It’s beyond hot, and she got to style a photo shoot in a sandstorm!
  • [18:16]  Fashion Week War Stories: they are hard to get in to, we discuss favorite designers and how to have more fun on the side.
  • [22:19]  Traci mentioned her upcoming “Shopping Retreat in Italy,” and Holly lost her damn mind.
  • [26:38]  Apparently everything starts falling south after 50? Holly and Traci discuss how they help women fight their insecurities through fashion.
  • [33:11]  Hair weaves? Extensions? We debate. 


  • [33:49|  Nolan talks skin care: La Prairie vs. fetus facials vs. La Mer. 
  • [38:59]  We discuss what is next for Traci’s brand, and how much we love her!

Key Takeaways:


  • Once Traci figured out her passion for professional styling, she ran with it – literally spanning the globe. Don’t be afraid to do what you love. 
  • Styling gigs differ by county and culture. What people need, how to best style clients and what to expect can be very different depending on where you are, or where your clients are. 
  • Just when women hit their strides with wit and wisdom, life experiences, and finally get rid of their pesky kids, their bodies change. It sucks and we talk all about it. 
  • All the skin care products, short-term dermatology fixes and plastic surgery in the world don’t always help, and it’s freaking expensive. 


  • “No matter your age, your size or your lifestyle, you can look and feel fabulous. There is no reason why you too can’t wake up, jump out of bed with joy and purpose, excited to start your day.  Living and being the woman you have always dreamt to be.”  – Traci Jeske

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“I’m just jealous because you live in Europe. And that means every like luxury goods or just in general, slightly less expensive. And that makes me resent you for living in Europe.” – Nolan Meader


“And you know, in my 40s, I had my kids going in their teens, and they literally drove me fucking nuts. When I got to 50, I was like, screw this, screw all of you. Like, this is my time! It’s my time to sparkle and shine. I’m doing whatever. And there’s the door if nobody likes it.” – Traci Jeske


“So, you know, you can’t show your knees because you’re 50, and you can’t do this because you’re 50, and I’m just so sick of it. And so, I think the biggest struggle is that there’s these age appropriate rules – and you tell me age appropriate – I’m going to break it.”  – Traci Jeske


“You’ve got to buy the La Prairie stuff that costs more than a kidney and all of a sudden you look like a baby again. But, I draw the line at the fetus facials.” – Nolan Meader

Listen now!

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