How to Find & Buy Luxury Resale | EP 179

Welcome to this week’s scintillating episode of the “Fashion Crimes Podcast,” where we’re diving into the luxurious world of high-end fashion resale!

Host Holly Katz is joined by the queen of upscale chic and Holly’s Best Fashion Friend Ever, Chloe Binetti, owner of the fabulous Shop Madison and 5th in the beautiful town of Savannah, GA.

Get ready for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how to snag those coveted luxury items without breaking the bank. #YASSSQUEEN

From Chloe’s inspiring journey in the fashion world to her expert tips on selecting and caring for luxury bags, this episode is your golden ticket to becoming a savvy, sustainable fashionista in the glamorous world of luxury resale!

Strap in, fashion lovers, you’re in for a stylish ride!

Chloe Binetti’s fashion journey is nothing short of inspirational. Starting in the fast-paced world of corporate finance, Chloe’s passion for fashion led her to a dramatic career shift.

She transitioned into the high-end fashion industry, channeling her business acumen into the realm of luxury resale. Her journey reflects a deep understanding of both the financial and creative sides of fashion, culminating in the establishment of her luxury brand resale store, Shop Madison and 5th.

Chloe’s story is a testament to following one’s passion and the power of blending business savvy with a love for fashion.


Chloe Binetti’s Background:

Chloe shares her transition from a career in corporate finance to owning Shop Madison and 5th, detailing her passion for fashion and entrepreneurial journey.

Sustainability in Fashion: The episode emphasizes the growing importance of sustainability in the luxury fashion industry, discussing how luxury resale contributes to eco-friendly practices – which we love.

Selecting Luxury Bags: Chloe offers detailed advice on selecting timeless, versatile luxury bags, highlighting the significance of classic styles and how they sustain and increase their value over time.

Quality and Care: The importance of maintaining the quality and condition of luxury items is discussed, with Chloe providing tips on care and preservation to ensure longevity. If you buy a luxury bag, this is a purchase you will keep for several years to come.

Authentication Process: Chloe delves into the rigorous process of authenticating luxury items, explaining her method for ensuring the authenticity and quality of products in her store.

As we wrap up this week’s episode of the “Fashion Crimes Podcast,” we extend a huge thank you to Chloe Binetti for joining us and sharing her incredible insights.

Her journey in the luxury resale market not only enlightens us on the finer aspects of high-end fashion but also underscores the growing importance of sustainable fashion.

Her expertise and commitment to eco-conscious practices in luxury fashion are truly inspiring.

We’re reminded that fashion can be both fabulous and environmentally friendly, a mantra that she embodies perfectly. Thanks again, Chloe, for schooling us on how to buy and find luxury resale items; in short, get them from you. #DUH

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