Grammys Fashion Review 2022 | EP 86

Heyyy yyoooo! We are baaaaackkkk with another Red Carpet review. This time it’s the 2022 Grammys Fashions.  There is A LOT to unpack: What we loved, what we hated and who needed a mirror.

Nolan, our Fairy Gay Mother, returns with insights that only Nolan can share. As always, we offer our disclaimer up front: strong opinions usually require strong, yet hilarious, language. 

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Ok, let’s go: your favorite personal stylists Holly and Nolan share their LOVES and HATES, and of course, they rarely agree.

Holly’s LOVES:

Dua Lipa in a ’90s Donatella Versace iconic bondage dress. This was supreme, and no argument here. 

Tiffany Haddish in a shimmering gold Prada statuesque gown. Tiffany’s style is a favorite of Holly’s, and this outfit reigns at “Queen” level!

Olivia Rodrigo in Vivienne Westwood. Holly LOVES as she is giving off serious Morticia Addams vibes. She’s here for it. Nolan is “Meh.”

Giveon in custom Chanel for men. Nolan is loves this, but not dying over it.. Holly thinks Giveon is gorgeous, and that he is wearing that suit, honey.

Chloe Bailey in Valentino with Tiffany & Co. jewelry. She looks like a disco ball, and Holly is all the way here for it.

Allison Russell in Delcore. Holly can’t say enough. GORG. GIN. A. Nolan basically says nothing….

Saweetie in custom pink Valentino. To. Die. For. 

Halsey in Pressiat with Tiffany & Co. jewelry. This was a hard “NO” for Nolan. Holly loves a hat moment, a glove moment, a Halsey moment……

Avril Lavigne, in her first Grammys red carpet in 19 years, stunned in a tulle gown that Holly LOVED, but the studded wedge sandals she paired with the dress made Nolan go ballistic. Nolan says wedges are for barbeques in the Hamptons. Period. Holly said that is completely rude.

SZA in Jean Paul Gaultier tulle gown. Nolan feels it was cheaply made, and looks it. Holly: LOVING THIS.

Cynthia Erivo in Louis Vuitton with Maison Boucheron jewelry. It’s a look. 

Doja Cat in Atelier Versace. Holly thinks it looks like a leotard with a sheer overlay. I mean, okay, girl. However she can pull it off.  Nolan is sick of everyone over-doing every outfit with unnecessary accessories. Her pearl-encrusted sheer overlay was going to make for some uncomfortable sitting. #ouch

Chrissy Teigan in pink (Oscars-type gown) from Nicole + Felicia (NOT couture, as Nolan notes). Chrissy always brings it, and this was not exception. Um, Chrissy can call it whatever she wants. Holly loves her,

Kelsey Ballerini in Raissa Vanessa. Holly LOVES, OMG TO DIE. Nolan doesn’t care.

JUST MEH / We Disagree:

Jared Leto in Gucci. Must he always be so trampy??

Lady Gaga: she was gorgeous, but missed the opportunity to be edgier, more rock-star. 

Carrie Underwood: Looks beautiful but dressed for high school prom, or British royalty in Dolce and Gabbana.

Lil Nas X In Balmain. And moon boots. Are we done with moon boot yet? Please? 

Holly’s HATES: 

Justin Bieber in Balenciaga and Hailey Bieber in Saint Laurent with Tiffany & Co. jewelry: his over-sized suit is sloppy, and hers looks like a cheap wedding gown. #sorrynotsorry

Jonie Mitchell: looks like she is wearing a Johnny Was outfit, which is waayy too Arizona hippy for us in her floral embroidered ensemble. But, at least she showed up!

Brandy Carlisle in custom Hugo Boss suit that screams the “Rhinestone Cowboy” song! But her suit weighed 30 pounds, so we gotta give her some cred for that. 

Kourtney Kardashian in Et Ochs. Holly says she looks like she needs some sleep. Not impressed. At. All. 

Travis Barker in Givenchy with Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Again, he looks like one of the  “blind mice from the Shrek movie” and also, that he just got out of jail.

Billy Porter: Valentino pink, but uggggly purple lipstick. If you are going to wear a statement color, just stick to one. 

Megan the Stallion in Roberto Cavalli. Cheap looking fabric, always a big NO from Nolan.

Billie Eilish in Rick Owens. Holly HATES it. Nolan almost liked it. He wanted to love it, but the choice of biker boots ruined the moment for him.

And that’s a wrap, people!!

In the end, Holly loves red carpet fashions and all the pomp and circumstance. Nolan felt everyone took ‘one step too far’ this year.  Instead of stopping at “spectacular,” many chose to take things too far unnecessarily: over-doing it with accessories, bombastic boots, and clashing colors. 

Holly loves these opportunities to be judge-y, it’s how we learn fashion’s rights from wrongs.  

This is the end of the red carpet season, and is SO Nolan is happy (it’s hard to be a fabulous fashion commentator). 

Except that we still have the Met Gala to review, and we can’t wait for that. 

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