Fashion Crimes Podcast: Zoom Fashion Wedding Crimes

(Please) Don’t invite Nolan to your Zoom wedding! Holly and Nolan unpack the latest in wedding fashion trends, discussing how dress codes have changed with the rise of the Zoom wedding and of course the weddings themselves! We yell at you and each other about some of the following subjects below as we get in a deep discussion about what to do, not to do and why you should probably wear pants.

  • What should you wear?
  • Pants or no pants, that is the question
  • Show respect; you don’t get a pass to look like ass
  • Congrats to those carrying on
  • To wait, or not to wait?
  • If you are the bride, should still send favors or make your guests feel special
  • You can’t roll out of bed for a zoom wedding
  • Don’t be late

Listen now!

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