100th Special Episode Featuring Melissa Rivers | EP 100

Weeelllllll, Fashion Friends – we did it! We made it to our 100th Episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast!  

We are so grateful to all our listeners who have cheered us on, downloaded our podcasts and have been such great fans of the show! 

But enough about that. The real news of the week is our BFD Super-Duper Special Celebrity Guest: Ms. Melissa Rivers!  



As co-creator, executive producer, and co-host of E!’s wildly successful “Fashion Police,” Melissa shared with viewers her candor, quick wit and meticulous eye for fashion, which she honed throughout her years covering the Red Carpet. Melissa also starred opposite her mother, Joan Rivers, during four seasons of WEtv’s hit reality series, “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?”

Melissa is now a New York Times bestselling author, a podcaster, an award-winning producer, an entertainment journalist and correspondent, an equestrian, an Ivy League graduate, an accomplished public speaker, and an animal advocate. While her professional achievements are plentiful, it is her role as a single parent to her son Cooper that Melissa calls her greatest accomplishment. 

This week, Melissa joins Holly to celebrate our 100th episode and to update us on her life since the crazy days of the Fashion Police on the Red Carpet with her comedian mother. 

We also discuss Melissa’s newest book, “Lies My Mother Told Me” and her podcast, “Melissa Rivers’ Group Text!”

As women of a “certain age,” Melissa and Holly trade lots of hilarious #facts about fashion and life over 40 (and we mean, wayyyyy over 40). From not giving a “blank” anymore about most things, to what fashion trends one can really wear at this age, you will be enlightened by their fun and witty banter.


Lies My Mother Told Me. Tall Tales from a Short Woman” was written by Melissa during COVID in response to the crazy times we were in. She was constantly asked, “What would your mother say…” about the state of insanity that thus ensued for 2 years. This is not a biography by any stretch of the imagination. This book is purely satire and a delightful read. 

Holly shared her 3 favorite parts of Melissa’s book:

  1. The time Melissa lined up all her Barbies on the side of the bathtub, and her mom said they all looked like hookers.
  2. The story of Joan pushing Melissa to get married – starting at the age of nine-what like that’s weird?
  3. The wish was that if only Joan had married Kermit the Frog, Melissa would have gotten his long and shapely legs. 

“My mother once said: No man has ever put his hand up a woman’s dress looking for a library card.” – Melissa Rivers, remembering stellar parenting advice from her mom, Joan Rivers. 


Also, during the pandemic, like most of us, we were venting and sharing stupid pandemic memes in group texts a simple a way to survive. Melissa turned that same idea into a fabulous new podcast called “Melissa Rivers’ Group Text Podcast” where she hosts her celebrity friends, and they talk all the crap they text about – with humor – of course! We are so happy to have Melissa as a fellow podcaster – and Holly invited herself to be on the show at least 1,000 times. I mmeeaan….at least.

Check out Melissa’s new podcast here.


What advice does Melissa have for women over 40? What is a ‘yassss’ and a ‘um, girl no’? What is the best part of getting older? To be blunt, her list was short.

Her views on fashion are clear:

  1. Women after 40 get stuck. Holly has been saying this FOR YEARS. You need to clean out your closet, you need to evolve, you need to dress for your body type.
  2. You are allowed to wear “Trend Lite” – a version of the latest trends that don’t show your stomach or other body parts. Holly FINALLY gets permission to wear her crop tops, as long as they at least touch the top of her pants or belt. 
  3. Get your clothes tailored. Expensive clothing will look cheap if it doesn’t fit well. Just a small nip up or out can make a huge difference!
  4. Your feet grow. This happens whether you have babies or not. Just like you cannot wear shoes that are too small, don’t wear clothing that no longer fits well. Not breathing IS NOT optional!


Melissa and her mother Joan, along with others, were part of different entertainment generation. Covering the Red Carpet with a critical eye is from days gone past. While the intent was to not hurt anyone, comedy, humor, and criticism has a very small margin of tolerance, and rightly so. It is the end of that chapter, and time to channel that energy into new project!

We are so grateful to have Melissa with us this week – you will just LOVE HER! Download the episode here.

And, new this week! You can WATCH the entire episode on video on YouTube


“The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed!”


Listen now!

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