Criscara Jewelry Designer Crista Grasso | EP 64

“I have enough jewelry.” – said no one ever. 

Hey Fashion Friends, if that quote fits you, then step up and try on this week’s episode because we welcome jewelry designer Crista Grasso, of Criscara Jewelry to the show to talk about jewelry design, jewelry making, small business struggles and e-commerce selling! 

Crista designs her bohemian jewelry brand for what she likes to call “jet-setters, dream chasers and magic makers” featuring limited-edition jewels for one-of-a-kind women. She hails from Connecticut, but her boho-chic style embodies the free-spirited and adventurous spirit of women everywhere.

Holly and Crista sat down (literally on the floor) while at the She Podcasts LIVE conference in Scottsdale to learn about her jewelry brand, how she got started and how we can all wear jewelry to up our fashion game!

Crista tells us that she has always loved jewelry (#duh #ustoo) and started initially designing and handcrafting each piece herself. However, as a business model, that was just not scale-able. So in order to expand her business, she reached out to some of the top metal-smiths in the U.S. and collaborated with them to build her pieces for her, based on her designs and prototypes.

But that was just the beginning of the hard work as a small business owner. She would fly out to the West Coast to meet with the factory owners, tour the factory, share her designs and sketches, and her goals and vision with them. Then came the negations for quantities, because you know they are going to have minimums! 

Since she was just starting her business, Crista had to come up with some creative ways to reach their required minimum orders. She didn’t know what the volume of demand for her creations would be, and for which items. So she asked if she could achieve their minimums by doing multiple variations. And they said yes! 

Yaaasss, Queen! Don’t be afraid to ask, negotiate and be creative in your business! 

Ok, now for the down and dirty: What do primitive camping and jewelry design have in common? Well, inspiration!

Crista tells us that she and her dad attended a primitive camping event for 20 years. They lived in the 1800s for 10 days, dressing up in period costumes and sleeping in teepees. This is a Fashion Moment, people!!!

While there, she would sit and make jewelry. She was always outside where she was inspired by nature and her surroundings. Being in that environment and being immersed in nature were moments of simplicity for her because she didn’t have modern electronics to distract her. This helped to tap into her “inner boho” – which, we’re sorry, but we ALL need!

So, how should we style our jewelry? Holly always loves statement pieces and layers. Crista believes we all have multi-facets, and that your jewelry should be multi-faceted and should meet you at whatever stage you’re at, or whatever facet you’re expressing that particular day.  We 100% agree!

Be sure to listen in to hear what Crista’s favorite personal jewelry favorites are, and to find out how only YOU, the Fashion Crimes Podcast listener, can get a 30% discount at! Here’s a hint:  it’s HOLLY30 

In return for this gracious gift, Holly wants to remind you to #shopsmall, support small businesses and help make women-owned businesses successful!

With love, 

– Holly Katz, your favorite personal stylist, and let’s be honest, the only Holly you need to know you know.

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