Cold Weather Dressing | EP 183

Welcome to Fashion Crimes Podcast, Episode 183: “Cold Weather Dressing”

Braving the blizzard or strutting down a snowy street, Holly Katz, your fashion fairy godmother, is here to guide you through the cold weather dressing saga with style and sass. Dial in as Holly spills the tea on making winter wear fabulous, functional, and fiercely fashionable.

Yes it’s true, you can look chic in the cold.


This Week’s Highlights:

Intro from NYC Fashion Week:

Holly kicks things off with her adventures at Fashion Week in the snowy city, setting the stage for a chilly but chic discussion.

Introduction to Cold Weather Fashion:

She then leads us into a lively introduction to the challenges and joys of dressing up for cold weather. Learn how to make a statement with your outerwear without sacrificing warmth.

The Winter Wardrobe Woes:

Holly delves into the common traps of choosing comfort over style during winter, urging listeners to break free from the cycle of mundane cold-weather wear. THAT is a Fashion Crime!

Elevating Your Basics:

Discover how to upgrade your everyday wear into stylish statements with Holly’s guide to selecting high-quality basics and the importance of a cohesive workout wardrobe.

Key Pieces for Your Winter Wardrobe:

Discover the must-have items that Holly swears by for staying stylish and warm. From chic boots to statement coats, find out how to upgrade your winter essentials.

Layering Like a Pro:

Master the art of layering with Holly’s tips on starting with a cami, and building up with quality pieces to keep you warm and stylish.

The Right Way to Do Loungewear:

Holly defines the fine line between being comfortably casual and stylishly snug at home without slipping into the Pajama-at-2-PM habit.

Winter Style JLo

Outerwear that Stands Out:

From selecting the perfect coat to the importance of waterproof and windproof options, Holly covers how to stay warm without compromising on style.

Footwear that Combines Fashion with Function:

Dive into Holly’s recommendations for footwear that keeps you warm, safe on slippery surfaces, and, most importantly, stylish.

Accessorize to Maximize:

Amp up your winter outfits with the right hats, scarves, and gloves. Holly shares her picks for functional yet fashionable accessories to brighten up dreary days.

Find them all on her Pinterest board at

Smart Shopping for Cold Weather:

Holly wraps up with savvy shopping tips for scoring the best deals on winter essentials, encouraging listeners to inject personality into their outfits with unique accessories.

Closing Thoughts:

Holly emphasizes that dressing for winter doesn’t have to be a drab affair. With the right pieces, a bit of creativity, and an attitude that embraces fashion at any temperature, you can turn the cold weather into your runway

Next week, Holly brings you the latest from Fashion Week, including the hottest trends and must-see moments. Don’t miss out on getting the first scoop on spring fashion, directly from the front rows of the shows!

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