2020 Fashion Trends

We are coming up on over a year of this new Covid lifestyle. Not only has the pandemic turned everyone’s lives upside down, but it has totally turned the fashion industry on its head. In this episode we chat about the best 2020 fashion trends…(our favorite was obvi the face masks!) We love when a designer does a face mask; however horribly impractical they are.  As we scroll through the biggest sellers of the past year, (birks and sweats to name a few) and what the industry is doing to reinvent itself. Just like most businesses, the fashion industry was hit, and it was hit HARD. They lost billions and billions and billions (you get the point) of dollars. Sadly, many of our favorite brands had to shutter because of it. Tune in as we talk about vegan “leather”, the New York Fashion Week name change and Anna Wintour wearing sweats and shades working from the middle of her living room.

In This Episode:

  • [01:50] Masks are by far the best fashion trend of 2020.  
  • [03:25] Sadly, some of our favorite brands had to shutter because of the pandemic. 
  • [07:40] Moving forward, what can we do to help out the fashion industry?  
  • [16:50] Vegan leather?! Stop calling it that – it’s plastic!!  
  • [23:25] Leave New York Fashion Week ALONE!! 

Key Takeaways:

  • To help struggling brands, give them shout-outs in your content! It will help introduce people to their business. 
  • Vegan leather is actually plastic – both are bad for the environment! Stop thinking you are better for buying “vegan leather.” 
  • Sneakers are the ticket right now – that’s what 2021 is all about.  
  • If you’re shopping, please support small businesses. 


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