What to Pack to Travel in Style | EP 53

We are tripping this week, which means: “What to Pack?” 

These 3 little words, when put together, tend to be SUPER stressful for some people. But, not to worry! Our Stylists Extraordinaire are here to make sure you don’t overpack or forget your underpants – and, they even pick out the right suitcase for you! Because you need to be prepared: you need to read the room, know where you are going – and you need to look good. Period.

So, what kind of trip packer are you? Nolan tends to pack his entire wardrobe – especially all of his shoes – and then needs to borrow a suitcase to get all of his shit back home. Duh.

Holly has a formula to pack for dinners, daytime activities, and adds 2 extra backup outfits. But regardless of how much, or how planned out, you do your packing; don’t forget to pack your style. Can I get an amen?

This week: Our amazing and knowledgeable stylists try really hard to give you insider packing secrets, but mainly, spend most of their time discussing what Holly will be wearing to the Podcast Movement convention in Nashville, TN.  I mean, #sorrynotsorry.

Nolan is butt-hurt that he “was not invited” to a super-dorky podcast convention, which would have bored him TO DEATH. So, he is planning his own trips to Miami and Vegas, instead.

Both of our stylists have been shopping and planning for Holly’s appearances in Nashville because the FASHION CRIMES PODCAST will be one of the only, if not THE only, fashion podcast represented at this national convention. 

So – She. Needs. To. Kill. It.

Be sure to follow our social media this week, because you must see all of the AMAZ-BALLS outfits Holly and Nolan have created for this trip. They chose a fun and current short suit from Anine Bing, which will be accompanied by Holly’s lustful purchase of some rockin’ Roger Vivier boots. Nolan is the master of finding the best designer styles, and then waiting for them to go on sale. “Never pay full retail” is Nolan’s mantra!

They then move on to Holly’s next outfit: a knit Alaia dress covered in butterflies. Nolan tells us all about this designer, and these unique knit dresses that work for any shape and figure. The rest of the outfits include denim from Frame Clothing and Oscar de la Renta along with the new YSL lip print shoes. NEXT. LEVEL. Of course – they spend HOURS discussing the OG Saint Laurent Red Lips vintage print heels. If you haven’t heard about this purchase yet, don’t worry: You will hear it again!

While our fashion experts do tend to gush about their love for designer styles, Nolan is always quick to remind our listeners that selling a kidney for any item is ridiculous. Wait for the sale, but if you see it on sale, do buy it right then and there. Also: buy things that bring you joy. If you like the dress, buy it. Because you might get hit by a fucking bus tomorrow.

But, back to planning for your next trip: buy a good suitcase (Holly likes Away Luggage, Nolan likes Rimowa), don’t overpack, think of all the shoes you will need, don’t forget your shapewear or undergarments, and think about where you will be, who you will be with and what the occasion is. 

We want you to Travel in Style. 

In This Episode:

[1:00] Holly: People constantly ask me what to pack or how to pack. What are we going to pack? What should I bring? Nolan brings his entire closet every time he packs and goes somewhere.

[2:01] Holly: What is up, homie? Nolan, I am so high on life right now. 

Nolan: No, you’re not high on life. It’s Saint Laurent you’re high on, there’s a very big difference. Very, big difference. I’m very rarely high on life. I am, almost always, high on fashion. Big difference.

[04:47] Nolan: I know, look at me! I’m helping someone pack for a trip that I wasn’t even invited on. Uh! I’m such a giver. 

[06:35] Holly: Nolan, as you just told me that I don’t get a medal, OK, for doing good things. You don’t get a medal for adulting. Okay, cuz that’s what you’re doing. You’re doing a hustle.

[06:53] Nolan: I wouldn’t say that’s why I’m butt hurt, but let’s go with it. Let’s just go with it. I am, I’m jealous. You do get to go to UAL, which is United Apparel Liquidators. One of my best-kept secrets. 

[9:40] Holly: But this is a happy podcast, because we’re going to talk about packing. When you’re packing, you have to think about the dress code where you’re going to be, what you’re going to do, who you’re going to be with, and how you’re going to be photographed. Because if you’ve worn the same clothes, around the same people: It’s time to get some new clothes. Time to get a new look. Let’s talk about the first outfit that I’m going to wear, the Anine Bing suit. 

[12:44] Nolan: I was so proud because I love Roger Vivia. I’m a sucker for anything French, and I think Roger Vivia, their edgier styles, are really beautiful. But again, they’re ridiculously expensive.

[14:16] Holly: Okay, so I’m wearing that because I’m reading the room. I understand that I will be the only fashion person, and it’s ‘a lot’ but it’s not ‘A LOT.’  Nolan, explain the difference between a lot and A LOT.

[17:44] Holly: The next day, as I will be running around, making it rain, with my personality and my business cards, meeting people, being a lady about town, running around the convention. I’m going to wear my next prized possession, which is: Dun Dun Dun: the butterfly dress.

[18:09] Nolan: So, I love Alaia. I’ve always loved Alaia. I mean, it’s just beyond. And Holly and I often fight about buying things that are classics that are long-term pieces to have forever, because I look at fashion, as I like things to be buildable. You like to have something be like, a one-stop-shop. You want the dress to be bold and memorable and whatever, which is great. But then you can’t wear it six times in one year, because then everyone’s like, oh, there’s that dress again.

[21:21] Nolan: I’m very much like: buy it now. Or, don’t buy it at all. But I don’t want to hear it, if it sells out. Because you get mad when it sells out. So, I always say, if you don’t buy it, that’s fine. You don’t need to. But if you want it, you need to buy it now. Because I don’t want to hear about it in three weeks, I want that dress and it’s gone. And I get yelled at, because it’s not my fault

[24:19] Holly: Which brings us back around to the new lip shoes. My pride, my joy, Nolan, I’m saying it. It’s recorded. I am pushing it out to the world. You were right.

[24:33] Nolan: I’m always right, though.

[26:44] Nolan: Hmmm? Something else I wasn’t invited to? Oh, sorry. That was my out-loud voice.

[26:54] Nolan: You told me to be sassy today. I don’t know if you were quite ready.

[28:09] Holly: I’m so glad you went to a dinner party that I wasn’t invited to. I’m 80% happy for you. 

[28:49] Nolan: How do you pack? Because now that we’re talking about this, I feel like we’ve given no packing tips. We’ve just talked about ourselves for 30 minutes. (Duh.) Let’s come back to the whole packing thing, because as a packer, I would rather have too much than too little.

[29:56] Holly: If you’re going on a three-day weekend, you figure out what you’re going to wear. You don’t have to know every single activity, what you’re going to do, but you need to plan out what you’re wearing at night and during the day and bring two backup outfits. That is what I do.

[34:34] Holly: Anyway, so packing! Call us, ask us. Let us know what your questions are. We’re excited to help you. Don’t overpack. Make sure you plan. Bring enough shoes, be comfortable. Bring all your undergarments.

Peace Out! 

Key Takeaways:

Holly and Nolan discuss how to plan your wardrobe for trips. The key is to know where you going, who you will be seeing, and to plan ahead. Shop, prepare and pack ahead of time. 

Holly recommends a formula for packing by occasion and time of day. Nolan likes to have options, so he packs everything. Which packing style works for you? 

Our stylists have been all over the place shopping for Holly’s trip to the Podcast Movement National Podcaster’s Convention in Nashville, TN the week of Aug. 2nd. Holly feels the pressure to ‘kill it’ with style, as it is the first appearance of the Fashion Crimes Podcast at this event. Photos of the ‘Outfits of the Day’ are posted on our social pages.

Nolan shares his fun, unique and flavorful insider’s knowledge of the designers he has chosen for Holly, often with insightful historical references, and of course, his own personal anecdotes from his adventures in fashion.

Don’t miss this week’s episode: Travel in style and pack with purpose!

Links Discussed: 

Podcast Movement: https://2021.podcastmovement.com/

She Podcasts: https://www.shepodcasts.com/

Alaia: https://www.maison-alaia.com/us

Anine Bing:  https://www.aninebing.com/

Roger Vivier: https://www.rogervivier.com/us-en/home/

Away Luggage: https://www.awaytravel.com/

Rimowa Luggage: https://www.rimowa.com/us/en/all-luggage/

Yves Saint Laurent: https://www.ysl.com/en-us


Nolan, I am so high on life right now.” – Holly

“No, you’re not high on life. It’s Saint Laurent you’re high on, there’s a very big difference. Very, big difference. I’m very rarely high on life. I am, almost always high on fashion. Big difference.” – Nolan

“Okay, so I’m wearing that because I’m reading the room. I understand that I will be the only fashion person, and it’s “a lot” but it’s not “A LOT.” Nolan, explained the difference between a lot and A LOT.” – Holly

“Which brings us back around to the new lip shoes. My pride, my joy, Nolan, I’m saying it. It’s recorded. I am pushing it out to the world: You were right.” – Holly

“That’s my MO. I just sort of chuck everything in a bag and figure it out when I get there.” – Nolan

“If it brings you joy, and you’re going to want to wear it for five years: buy the dress. Because life is short.  You could get hit by fucking bus tomorrow.” – Nolan

Listen now!

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