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Straight from New York Fashion Week: There is no intro that will do this episode justice:


In case you have been living under a rock, Holly and Nolan attended NYFW last week, and managed to see just about every angle of it – from top designer shows to after-parties to the VMAs and even a Met Gala after-party!!! Their asses were dragged all over town – from all the #COVID tests they had to take to all the amazing shows, they got into!

Here is the list of designer shows attended – and this week, we spend ENDLESS time discussing IN DETAIL, because they were so freaking fabulous:

Kate Spade


Oscar de la Renta

Cynthia Rowley

Proenza Schouler



Frederick Anderson

Dennis Basso 

It was so amazing to see all of this City back online again…  All of the designers, fashion editors, famous people, models, DJs, music artists, influencers, new designers, new brands, old friends, and literally all of New York City.  (One of Holly’s favs was Botox the Dog, look it up!)

All was going along swimmingly until Nolan crossed his legs and audibly SPLIT THE ASS OF HIS PANTS OUT at the Frederick Anderson show. Candace Bushnell was there, as well as some of the Hermès heirs, and a sprinkling of fancy-schmancy NYC socialites – all who heard the whole deal. But not to be defeated, afterward, our Nolie then walked down Park Ave with his neon boxers hanging out, because he is NOT going to miss an after-party. “It was funny, but it also sucked.” – Nolan

Learn about all of the outrageous venues the designers chose to present this year: from a skate park in the rain at Chelsea Piers to the Meat Packing District and Battery Park to Little Island on the Hudson River, and even Rockefeller Center – all gorgeous and fun settings that added spectacular layers to the art and fashion of the week.

We do have to take a moment to discuss Holly’s PRIMA DONNA COMPLEX during the week. At the Monse show, she flat-out refused to give up her front-row seat when some “manager” asked her (DUH).  But some poor saps did get moved, and then Paris Hilton and Nikki Hilton sat down from her…like 3 seats down. Paris – with her GARGANTUAN diamond engagement ring. Really, it was completely blinding. Holly is still talking about it.

Holly also lost her composure – but only for a second – while standing in line for a show (AFTER ON-DEMAND COVID TESTING, and registration, etc.) – and was cut off just as it was their turn. But, with one little Karen-esque scene, they all ended up with tickets to the VMAs, so you are welcome. I mean, it really was her best work.

Did we mention yet (only 3 times) that Holly and Nolan ended up at the VMAs? It was BE-YOND, and then Nolan dumped his friends and got to go backstage and found better seats without the rest of the crew. Not that we are mad or anything. We were just 80% happy for him.   

Busta Rhymes and Doja Cat ended up being favs of the night. 

Be sure to check out Holly and Nolan’s “David and Moira” moment. For the VMAs, Nolan says he ‘looked like a pimp’ and Holly had a fashion identity crisis, which in the end, ending up being one of their better fashion moments after all. But there was some painful banter getting there. 

OK, that’s a wrap. As Holly says: “We had a great time, we met some new people. We reconnected with old folks that we knew. We have some new fans of the podcast. We have some newer friendships. So, it was great!”


NYFW: https://nyfw.com/home/

Kate Spade: https://www.katespade.com/

Patbo : https://patbo.com/

Cynthia Rowley : https://cynthiarowley.com/

Proenza Schouler : https://www.proenzaschouler.com/

Monse: https://monse.com

Bulgari: https://www.bulgari.com/en-us/watches/mens

Frederick Anderson: https://www.frederickandersoncollection.com/

Dennis Basso: https://dennisbasso.com

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