Mary Higham | Style Blogger, Influencer & Sample Sale Queen

Get ready to Sparkle and Shine and live life in full color, Queens!!!  In this week’s new episode, we welcome style blogger and personal stylist Mary Higham, creator of Glam in Gotham. Mary’s personal aim is to fill each day with whimsy and color, and she unapologetically believes that fashion should make people happy. Well, duh!

As Mary says: “Every piece of my clothing makes a statement towards a little piece of my personality – I wear my heart on my sleeve (sometimes literally)!”

Mary’s blog and Instagram page are saturated in her trademark fluff and sequins – as well as her beloved headbands – where she shares her perspective on her new life in NYC, tips and tricks for vintage finds and loves to promote her favorite fashion accessories and styles.

Nolan brings us the goods this week and introduces us to Mary as only Nolan can: recounting a story about the first time he hung out with Mary at a Halloween party, where he got super trashed and had a great time… well, you can imagine.

But back to Mary: we discuss her first career as an event consultant specializing in meetings, conferences, and trade shows. She then started blogging, moved to NYC – LITERALLY moving into a new apartment the day before the pandemic shut down the City – and decided to focus on her love of fashion when the world’s planning and live events actually died in 2020.

We L.O.L about personal shopping gigs, sample sales, thrifting, blogging, curating your own personal style, our love for NYC, and even why there is a lot of online discussion about the state of her husband’s pants-wearing status on most days. Some things just have to be seen or heard, so take a listen. 

Seriously though, Mary shares how she supports up-and-coming brands by promoting and elevating the designers and products she loves. She then combines her professional experience as an event planner to connect brands and consumers.

We are so inspired by Mary’s business insights and career path: “You can’t fit a career in a box. Nobody’s life fits into a perfect box. It is not always in a straight line. There is no clear path. Carve out what you love.”

Join us for a wonderful adventure full of rainbows and unicorns, career journeys and the love of fashion! And of course, we include all the usual swear words and things that totally annoy us along the way. 

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