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Ho, Ho, Ho, Fashion Friends!

FYI and Fashion News Alert: It’s December, y’all! Um, sorry- how did we get here? Wasn’t it summer just last week?

This week, your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz is talking about the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of holiday style, and how to dress for not only holiday events, but for the whole month of December.

Join us as we discuss style options and trends for this holiday season. The holidays can bring out the best – and unfortunately – the worst in holiday style. Figuring out what to wear when you are already stressed about the holidays can be too much for some people. It can even be depressing because you feel defeated before you even get started. 

So first, let’s address the elephant in the room: the Ugly Christmas Sweater thing….

Yeah, noJust, no.

– Holly Katz

Ok? Are we finally past this? Let’s cast our net a little wider, shall we?

Instead, with a little planning and some dos and don’ts from Holly, you will find you can let go of your outfit anxiety and maybe even become the “Hottest Dish at your Holiday Dinner!” #outfitgoals

First, The What:

  1. Be comfortable, but not too comfy

Comfort is important, but it doesn’t mean that you do not try. Being dressed for the day will make you feel better and motivate you to do more. Sitting around in clothes that you don’t want to be seen in public is a fashion crime. It’s a busy time of the year – you are going places, seeing people, welcoming people in your home.  

Instead, Holly recommends “elevated casual” wear.  Something with a little stretch or give in it. Try cute joggers or flare knit pants paired with a hip sneaker (not workout sneakers). Add a cropped jacket or a chunky sweater. Then add some statement jewelry and a cool bag  – and you are fashionable comfortable to stay home all day – or run out for quick errands.

  1. Going out to dinner

If you are going out at night, you need a little somethin’ somethin’ more than the day. Whether it’s a casual dinner with friends or something a little more spirited, try a maxi dress or long skirt with boots.

Holly recommends staying away from the blue jeans look.  You can wear that all day. For nighttime, wear colored denim or a leather-like jean, which is like wax-coated jean. This is an absolute favorite staple. And it looks good at any size.

  1. Special events

If you are attending a concert or other events at the top of the food chain, Holly prefers a dress – if it’s special, dress up!  Recommended is a surplus wrap dress (like the famous Diane Von Furstenberg), or a maxi dress paired with a bodysuit top, a leather jacket, and a dress shoe.

One recommendation: If you are going to wear a short dress, Puulleeeazzzzz do a “sit down” test first. If you sit down, and it comes way above the knee or your thigh, the dress is too short.  Pair a short dress with our #BrandBestie Vienne Milano patterned tights or stockings, and a cute evening bag, and you are knocking it out of the park!

  1. Evening bags 411

These are not your everyday shoppers or tote bags. Invest in the time to find a small evening bag that will add a little pop when going out. Get one at T.J. Maxx on sale or buy the Judith Leiber, just have one in your closet at all times.

Next, The Where:

  1. Cold weather-wear

Where you are living is very important when you’re taking these fashion tips into consideration. We just want to say this: if you live in a super cold climate, a dress code is a non-negosh. Outerwear, when it’s really cold outside, is just as important as the outfit you are wearing underneath. Do not skimp on this.

If Holly catches you wearing a puffer jacket or ski jacket when you get dressed up, she is going to find you. 

If you’ve had the same coat for 15 years, let’s get your ass a new coat. Guess what? There are new styles out now and forever. Get a new coat. Please.  #Duh

  1. Warm weather-wear

If you live somewhere where it’s really hot, or the seasons don’t really change, you can still dress a little bit more festive during this time by wearing lightweight, long-sleeved tops, light knits, or something that doesn’t scream summer. 

Light sweaters are a favorite. But what Holly really loves is a sequin pant. Sequins do not hold any heat. They are certainly not something you only can wear in the wintertime. In fact, Holly’s ass is going to be rocking some sequin pants later this week because she going to be in Miami for Art Week! Yaaaassss!

And now for The Who:

  1. Be yourself. Be realistic. Wear what fits you well.

Who are you dressing? Not the who you used to be, not the who you’re gonna be. Not when you lose weight, 10 pounds from now.  Dress for who you are today.

As an example, Holly admits she is middle-aged. She can’t really skirt around that one, as she is on the 50 upswing. Okay, this is as good as it gets, people. Live life. Eat the way you want to eat.  And that’s it. Dress for who you are today. Dress for the body you have TODAY.

Over or under 50, it doesn’t really matter. The rules are still the same. When you dress for the body you have today, people around you will think you’ve lost weight. People are going to start to notice that you’re taking charge of your style. #facts

WHY??? Thinking about what you’re going to wear this month- It makes me want to cry just thinking about it!! BUT…you can do it. 

  1. Keep it real

Do you find yourself starting sentences with: “At my age, I shouldn’t be doing this,” and, “I shouldn’t be wearing that”? Holly sees a lot of clients who are honestly just dressing really safe. Some people call it old. We like to call it “safe”.

Holly says you need to take some time to focus on yourself – it’s ok. Really! It’s not a crime!  Try to tap back into the time in your life when you dressed a litter freer, a little more fun. You can do it, and it will make you feel better.

Just remember, at the end of the day, we are not just dressing for holiday parties. We’re really dressing for the entire season. Right? We want to take this as a very nice end to a year that we came out of kicking and screaming – but alive.

Fashionably misguided? We don’t know what to do? Are we at home? Are we not at home? Are we vaccinated? Are we around people who are vaccinated with a toxic political climate and COVID being every other word that everyone’s talking about? 

Let’s tap back into what makes us happy. And if you need a lifeline, let’s try fashion and style.

Let’s try that and see if it works. Let’s be festive without stating the obvious. 

NO. UGLY. ASS. CHRISTMAS. SWEATERS. EVER. MKAY?  It’s funny, we get it. We think it’s funny too. But let’s just give a nod to the season by kicking it up a notch. Consider yourself fashionably inspired now. Yay you!

Happy HOLLY days!!

– The Fashion Crimes Podcast, with your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz 

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