How Red Carpet Styles Trickle Down to You

The trickle-down effect actually starts much earlier than the red-carpet season. Most fashion trends come and go as quickly as they are introduced. As the fashion cycle runs on a 20-to-30-year curve, it’s no surprise that the rise of Y2K fashion has hit hard post-pandemic.  


As following a trend can work for some, it’s not a surprise that some try and don’t succeed. Trends are just that….a popular item or style for the moment, not classic for the long term.

For example, the midriff and crop top trend (a personal fave of mine) works for the young and thin. I have adapted the trend for my body type and age group by wearing this style with a high-waisted pant or skirt to show less skin. 

Cropped jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts are other items that work for this same trend and are less skimpy.

Zendaya rocked the red carpet in her ultra-cropped blouse and sequin maxi skirt from Valentino. This trend will be sure to stick around for a while.   

The micro mini is on repeat from the ’60s, the 90s, and now today. Carolina Gaitán from Encanto in her blush high low dress (really high in the front) with the cape and she looked gorgeous.

Shelia E. also wore a very mini dress that was pushing the envelope for her age and the crowd was loving every minute of it. She nailed it with her gorgeous legs. This trend always seems to go out as soon as it comes in.  

Sheer fabric or “naked” fashion has been around for the past few years and is making a huge splash on the red carpet.

Sofia Carson with her sheer shoulder ball gown by Giambattista Valli Couture was so mature and sophisticated yet age-appropriate for the most prestigious night probably of her career. An absolute home run. This can be interpreted a few different ways and has certainly already translated to mainstream fashion with tops, skirts, and even sheer slacks with shorts underneath.  


This certainly is a trend that we see come and go but honestly is here to stay. It’s so fun to wear something with a little shimmer and shine in your everyday wardrobe.

Amy Schumer in her Oscar De La Renta plunging neckline gown with the giant embellished bow was beyond gorgeous and elegant. It’s very easy and translatable to the everyday shopper. This is usually a trend that doesn’t go out of style and can easily work day or night.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Schiaparelli with the Grace Lee jewelry. She is absolutely wearing a piece of art.

Serena Williams crushed this trend with her pink embellished dress with sheer fabric and plunging neckline. This dress could easily be worn by the masses and probably will be seen in stores to come. 

Printed Fabrics

Eva Von Bahr is a work of art in her mural dress. This is so elegant and edgy but makes a huge statement. We couldn’t take our eyes off of her. This is so easily adapted to mainstream fashion as you can design this from a dress to pants to t-shirts. This trend was beyond stunning and probably one of my favorites of the night.  

Bra tops

Ariana DeBose in Valentino Haute Couture in her skimpy bra top pantsuit was so stunning and elegant; especially with the dramatic cape. Red Carpet Perfection.

Halle Bailey took this a little too far as it honestly looks like she is wearing a bathing suit.  


Remi Bader in her cut-out dress with attached gloves? STOP IT. I LOVE IT. Makes her look longer and leaner for sure. I am sure she was burning up in that dress. 

Gender-Neutral Suiting

Wanda Sykes was in her monochromatic white tuxedo as she usually wears a suit well.  

Bright colors and shimmer 

Jessica Chastain in her shimmer bright lavender by Gucci was the winner to me of the night!

Lupita Nyong’o in her shimmer gold embellished dress by Prada looked absolutely gorgeous.

Sian Heder in her Michael Kors disco ball mirror dress was absolutely beyond. This easily is already in stores and isn’t going away anytime soon!

Other looks: Olivia Coleman in her silver shimmer dress and Queen Latifah in bright sun yellow are also two colors that will stay in stores for a while.  


Jason Mamoa was in a monochromatic suit as was Andrew Garfield who wore it best! Adam Blackstone in his suit was so gorgeous with his asymmetrical jacket hem with the ombre stripes. 

Simu Liu in a full red tuxedo was a YAASSS all day long. This trend works perfectly for both men and women.  

And that’s a wrap! Those are my style notes of the week.

See you right back here next week for my Grammys Fashion Round-up!

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