Fine Jewelry Do’s and Don’ts | EP 57

Live from Las Vegas! It’s our Stylist Extraordinaire Nolan Meader, BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!

Nolan has been a very busy MAN ABOUT TOWN, but he stops in for a hot minute to update us on his recent influencer events in the Hamptons – and then his very important trip to VEGAS, BABY! for the national jewelry shows.

But first, Nolan discusses his favorite store – AGAIN – which is Frame, who just happens to have released a line for the NY Carlyle Hotel, also his favorite. How much can you spend on a sweatshirt – well, apparently a lot.  But Carlyle Hotel merch is 5-star hotel merch. Not your average douche-y beach resort swag – and believe him, there is a difference!

Nolan is still on the hunt for FABULOUS items for Holly. He found her a hot pink Valentino dress one day while shopping with Schmutz (our Doodle Mascot) who proceeds to dump our hosts for someone else at the next table who had better petting skills. Be sure to check our social posts for photos!

Next is Nolan’s boondoggle to the Hamptons for some PR parties – with a ridiculous pre-party sidebar where Nolan got his party outfit swamped at the beach PRIOR to party time, and possibly after some adult drinks. The next weekend he was back to attend a party for Betsey Johnson Jewelry – where he had the BEST.DAY.EVER.DOT.COM  – and then Julia Haart from “My Unorthodox Life” showed up. So chic!!!

And FINALLY – Nolan hits the road to Las Vegas to see the Couture Show and the Antique Jewelry Show. From jewelry that will be sold to Nordstrom to the most classic, vintage Henry Winston jewels, Nolan was DROOLING for a week.

He finds out what the hottest trends are in jewelry right now, and that expensive fine jewelry is outrageously popular right now. What should you buy if you are looking for some nice jewelry? Nolan has a very specific point of view on this: what to buy, how to buy.

“I’m really into jewelry right now. Clothing is an investment in your own happiness, your confidence and it’s worth every penny. But jewelry does hold value of some kind because you are putting money into a precious metal or precious stone.”

Nolan Meader

We love Nolan for giving us some joy this week, as well as some jewelry tips – and for spilling the tea from the Vegas jewelry shows! We are so lucky to be able to get some hot tips:

  • Do your research and invest in pieces that will make you happy!
  • What are the latest trends in jewelry?
  • Which watches are people wearing these days?
  • Can you mix costume jewelry with real jewels? Can you mix metals?
  • Don’t shun vintage and secondhand jewelry stores, especially if you want to spend a lot of money on something. Look there first before you go to a chain.



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