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If you have a petite body type, finding your sense of style might land you a seat on the struggle bus. Basically, it’s about proportion and finding the right balance. One thing is for certain though, there are some common petite pitfalls you need to know to avoid making critical fashion mistakes!   

In this episode, Your Favorite Personal Stylist Holly Katz answers fashion questions from one of our loyal listeners, and now a Fashion Bestie – about “What to Wear if You are Petite.”  

One key thing to know: If you are petite, you have special accommodations that you need for a cohesive wardrobe. It’s important for you to know that setting yourself up for success is of utmost importance to elevate your style as you age. #TRUTH 

First, the definition of petite is 5’2“/ 5’3” or under, and wears a Size 2 or smaller.   

(Be aware that all body types can be petite, so you can add curvy or plussize to this definition as well. You are still considered petite, but your wardrobe needs will be different.)  

For the purposes of this conversation, we are going to be talking about very small sizing.  

The struggle for a petite person to find a good fit is real. It’s even harder to find fashionable clothes that fit well. You are most likely spending your life savings to have clothes altered to fit, or worse, buying just about anything that fits off the rack.  

When styling a petite client, Holly starts with her Wardrobe Checklist:  

What are the essentials you must have in your wardrobe, regardless of style, body shape, age, or profession? 

You need a copy of this Wardrobe Checklist! #nonnegosh

Please go to this link: 

Regardless of your size or body shape, you still need the fundamentals and the foundations of well-fitting and intentional wardrobe, and this mostly means undergarments.   

Don’t let your petite status trick you into thinking you don’t need a proper bra (after a proper bra-fitting) and shapewear.  A petite person has the extra-added step of trying to create the illusion of curves or shape where there might be none, and these can help. 


  1. Wearing oversized or baggy clothing to hide your small size or lack of shape. You also are not required to wear body-con or tight-fitting clothing just because you are petite.  Sophisticated slacks, layering pieces and jackets are a great way to give you the illusion of some curves where there are none. You want to balance your bottom half with the top half so you look proportionate.


  1. Dressing too young. There is a very fine line between wearing something that makes you look like you’re in your 20s instead of your 40s because you are petite. Make sure your aesthetic is polished and put together.”  No shopping in juniors and no shopping in the kids section. #never


This lends itself to the saying:

Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.  

Case in point:  

When you are smaller size, you may think you can wear younger style trends, for instance, cutoff jean shorts.    

HOWEVER, at a certain age, you need to have a 7 or 8-inch inseam, with no cheeks hanging out.  

If that is your jam, you must have a sophisticated look to go along with it: Add a summer sweater, chunky jewelry, and maybe a kimono (to cover your butt). And then continue to add your grown-up accessories, like a stellar handbag and shoes.   

That is Holly-approved petite style.   


As always, go to Holly’s Pinterest board to see all of the styles and brands mentioned in this episode: 

The key to fashion success is to try on your clothing before you buy it! Many stores and brands carry smaller sizing or petite options: 

Edited Pieces:  

Chiara Boni, Le Petite Robe: 

Petite Studio NYC: 


Just because you wear a small size does not mean you can stay stuck in a style rut becuase you have been the same size forever. In fact, you may have to work harder to try new things and find items that fit you well so you can elevate your style. Buying off the rack is a privilege if you can wear a straight size. Just know that MOST people in the world, petite or not, have to make the clothes work for them by using a great alterations person on the regular.  

But YOU CAN DOOOO IT! And we can help!  #DUH

Never forget that we are the best fashion friend you never knew you needed. Holly is here to help. #imhereforit 

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