The Holly-Day and Nolan Gift Guide

The holidays are here and boy are we are good at telling you what to buy!! In this episode, we talk about how to avoid those awful presents from your family who keeps guessing what to buy for you and missing the mark. Do them a solid and tell your family to please stop buying clothes for you. Instead, give them a list of things that you love on a silver platter so they make no mistakes. 

Everyone loves a candle…who doesn’t love a candle? The candle business is taking the world buy storm and can cost up to $85 a pop; get that for someone you care about. Someone you care about less could use a candle in the $25-$40 range; still a great gift. Room diffusers are also a fabulous choice that will make the house smell amazing, plus they can last up to eight months if you get the good ones.

Another thing you should stay away from this holiday season is buying makeup for someone unless you personally know them like, really well. It’s so challenging to pick the right product unless you know exactly what shades and undertones the person likes. Do yourself a favor and avoid make-up unless you know what product lines they frequent.

We school you on what kinds of gifts you CAN give someone you don’t know or someone you are giving a gift to for the first time. What products you should stay away from buying? Don’t worry; we got you covered on that.  Tune in as we talk about the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones and those you don’t love, but still have to buy a gift for. Because let’s be honest, we know know better than you. Learn more about our Holly-Day and Nolan gift guide where we discuss super cute phone cases, cardholders, and the world’s most expensive hairdryer.

Time Stamp 

  • [ 5:30 ] Everyone loves a good candle 
  • [ 10:15 ] Why Holly hates spending money on perfume 
  • [ 15:50 ] Don’t risk buying makeup for people 
  • [ 17:45 ] Get a beautiful personalized gift from The Daily Edited
  • [ 25:30 ] Think about a high-quality hairdryer 
  • [ 27:50 ] The must-have bags this holiday season
  • [ 35:05 ] Alcohol is a great gift 


About Time

Jo Malone

Tom Ford



The Daily Edited

Tory Burch

Fragrance set- you get like 8 choices
Lime basil mandarin candle – best candle ever, great for a party
The only lipstick to buy for someone – it looks good on everyone
TDE customizable card holder  – budget friendly, so practical

TDE phone case – cutest thing ever
Great expensive looking bag, customizable
Best Hairdryer

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