Fashion Crimes Podcast: Make-Up Artist Allyson Wisel Part 2

This week we dive straight into pulling off the perfect five-minute face for Zoom meetings with our favorite makeup artist, Allyson Wisel!

As a full-time makeup artist, Allyson does makeup in TV, corporate and commercial clients, private clients, with NYC photographers & modeling agencies. During COVID, Allyson does makeup outside with a face shield, mask, safety goggles, a lab coat, and gloves. If you hire Allyson, she will start with a fresh new brush set that you get to keep! Allyson spills the details about applying concealer, her funniest makeup stories, and tips for a traditional smokey eye.

Time Stamp

●[ 5:30 ] How to pull off the five-minute face

●[ 12:30 ] The importance of a bronzer

●[ 17:35 ] Getting your makeup done during COVID

●[ 20:05 ] The best way to apply concealer

●[ 21:35 ] Allyson’s funniest makeup stories

●[ 25:55 ] How long you should keep your makeup

●[ 34:15 ] Tips for a traditional smokey eye

●[ 42:15 ] How often you should wash your brushes

Guest bio

Beauty Industry powerhouse with extensive experience in education and selling for well-known global brands such as MAC, Trish McEvoy, NARS, Laura Mercier & Dermadoctor. She began her career in artistry in 2005, working at the Trish McEvoy Counter, followed by Laura Mercier, MAC & NARS. As Director of Sales & Education for Dermadoctor, she trained all over the US and continued to utilize her makeup skills, doing makeup for Television – Dr.Oz, Today Show, Fox and Friends. Now as a full time makeup artist, Allyson now does make up for clients on CNN, MSNBC, YES Network NBC and others. In addition to working in TV, she also works with corporate and commercial clients, private clients and film. To hone her skills she regularly works with NYC photographers & Modeling Agencies to create Editorials for magazines. Allyson believes that cultivating genuine relationships with her clients in addition to her passion for makeup is what is essential to growing your business and sustaining it!


Allyson Wisel



Found Color Correcting Concealer with Eyebright and Ligonberry 270 Peach


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