We Are In Pursuit Of Fashion And Adventures

I mean who doesn’t need stretch leopard velvet pants?

Nolan (of course) found the perfect pair for Holly; it’s like they were made for her. Holly & Nolan visit Nordstrom Rack in Manhattan, which is a whole different level than a Midwestern or Southern Nordstrom Rack. FULL of designer pieces and deals o’ plenty, they acted like it was the last sale on earth. Holly talks about the most beautiful Valentino dress she found at Nordstrom Rack, but didn’t get it because, well, breathing is important. 

After an hour in the dressing room trying on clothes, they didn’t find any real winners. You need to love something when you buy it……just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you need to get it.

Plus, we saw a significant fashion crime–she literally had see-through bike shorts. That was NOT okay. And it’s a lot before noon. #getamirror #wecantunseethat

Later, we speak about the pleasure of feasting our eyes on The Sandy Schreier Collection at The Met. (TO DDIIIEEE).

Plus, we end by yelling at Nolan (weekly) about having too many middle aged women friends and that he needs to suck it up and make some friends his own age.  He tries, then he just ends up being better friends with said friend’s mom instead.  Sigh. 


Time Stamp

●[ 1:25 ] bestdayever.com

●[ 12:30 ] Holly’s cowgirl adventures

●[ 14:45 ] Fashion crime spotted

●[ 16:20 ] We feasted our eyes on The Sandy Schreier Collection

●[ 28:40 ] Why Nolan needs to make friends his own age



The Real Real

APM Monaco

The Sandy Schreier Collection

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