D’Andra Simmons from the Real Housewives of Dallas comes to FCP!


This week is NEXT LEVEL with D’Andra Simmons joining us from the Real Housewives of Dallas. The fashion gods are smiling down upon us this week!  She is a pioneering businesswoman, skincare expert, philanthropist, and reality TV star. First, we dive into D’Andra’s background and speak about the journey that led her to create such a thriving empire. Plus, she spills the tea about her fashion while filming The Real Housewives of Dallas. Did you know that the executives have to choose their outfits for confessionals and reunions? She explains how they decide which fashion pieces she gets to wear and, sadly, which ones get the boot. Tune in as we give our Fashion Week predictions, and D’Andra provides us with the history and current scoop on her skincare line Hard Night Good Morning. 


In This Episode:

  • [03:10] D’Andra starts from the beginning and reveals her backstory. 
  • [14:20] The secret to sales! D’Andra loves to sell – we talk about her extensive background in retail. 
  • [20:50] D’Andra left the retail industry in pursuit of being an actress.  
  • [26:30] We get the scoop on D’Andra’s fashion for The Real Housewives of Dallas. 
  • [34:05] Fashion Week is coming up! We give our predictions.  
  • [41:15] As a small business, you have to think about every single dollar. D’Andra speaks about the marketing needs of her brand. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Fashion Week is going to come back bigger and better than ever!  
  • Women dress for women – not men! It’s time to pick out your Fashion Week outfit because everyone will be excited to see what you’re wearing. 
  • When owning a small business, be careful about what you’re giving out for free.
  • As a brand, step up your social media presence – it can be the best form of ROI. 



D’Andra Simmons is a pioneering businesswoman and skincare expert who’s spent more than 20 years in the nutritional and beauty industry. She’s the founder/CEO of the skincare line Hard Night Good Morning and CEO/owner of Ultimate Living InternationalInc. She’s also the star of the hit Bravo series, The Real Housewives of Dallas, and the Co-Host of the “I Don’t Give a Rip” podcast on YEA Networks.


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