Closet Clean Out v. 2.0

Hey, Hey, Hey, Fashion Friends!! This week, Holly answers more of your burning fashion questions. Get your ears ready, because we are here to share some hard truth, friends!

Have you ever thought:

“I’m afraid of a closet clean-out! Should I be?”


“If you come over to my house, are you gonna throw all my favorite $#it out?? Because I am emotionally attached to these tiny Tabasco bottle earrings that belonged to my dead 3rd cousin, and I really need to hold on to them.” OYE.

Well, if you must keep your damn Tabasco bottle earrings, then this show ain’t for you, honey! Because clothes (and accessories) are energy, and you need to decide how much negative crap you need to have hanging around, or hanging off your ear lobes.

Did you know that there are 3 types of closet clean-outs?

1. The Over-Shopper: In this closet, there are things with the tags still on them, a ton of things with the tags on it. It’s overflowing, shit’s everywhere, it’s super messy, unorganized, you don’t know where anything is, you don’t know what fits, you don’t know what sizes you have, or you have a huge size range. You are a HOT MESS.

2. The Streamliner: This streamlining person thinks they’re so on top of it because they own very little or nothing. How people can go through life with a job, and only have six pairs of pants, four shirts, and three pairs of shoes? They have to emotionally shut down because they have no idea what to buy. They are a HOT OVERWHELMED MESS.

3. The last kind of closet clean-out is the person who is absolutely in denial. It can be a queen of denial, it can be a king of denial. This person is absolutely stuck in a style rut, they have a financial block, and they’re not willing to part with things or change or evolve. This can happen at any age, any gender, at any economic bracket. And this is where I get a lot of tears. You are just stuck in a DAMN MESS.

Holly takes you through some tough decisions with some tough love, because clutter makes your life miserable. So RIP OFF THE BANDAID! KISS THAT FROG! Throw out your dead relatives’ T-Shirt collection. Because that shit is just bringing you down.

Don’t hold onto the bad Juu-Juu of an ex-boyfriend’s sweater. And we are sorry to break it to you, but you will NEVER be the size you were in high school. I mean, it’s the circle of life. 

Also, you are never gonna sell your old stuff. It’s too much work and, repeat after Holly: No One Wants Your Old, Outdated Shit. JUST STOP. And stop accepting things from others because you are afraid you will hurt their feelings. It’s bad energy.

So, how do you get started with an overwhelming clean-out project? Honestly, the first step is awareness. If you know you need a closet clean-out and you don’t know where to start, the first thing you can do is start by changing all the #hangers.

Holly is a huge advocate for Velvet Slimline hangers – no wire hangers, no plastic tube hangers, no wooden hangers, especially wooden hangers. The Velvet Slimline hangers save you the most room, and they keep your clothes hanging the way they should be hanging. For the love of God! They should be paying Holly.

So, what did we learn today??? If you are ready for a closet clean-out, you can do it yourself, or you can call on a professional like Holly Katz Styling! #DUH!

Understand that is the first step to getting your sanity back, and getting your style back.

Clean Out! Peace Out! Until next time on the FASHION CRIMES PODCAST!

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