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We Are The Best Fashion Friends You Never Knew You Needed

Picture it! New York City, September 2017. This city is buzzing with all things fashion week, when a southern style maven and a young fashion aficionado bump into each other outside a fashion show. They meet, they chat, drink heavily and laugh. After spending the next four days conquering fashion week together, little did they know they would become partners in fashion crimes. 

Three years later and countless hours of making fun of other people’s style, (or lack thereof), these two fashion insiders decided to welcome the world into their musings, ideas and conversations. Addressing the good, the bad, and let’s face it, a lot of ugly. Their mission and life’s work is fighting for fashion justice, a better looking world and for GOD SAKES helping people who don’t know how to use a mirror.

Through closet clean-outs, shopping trips and lookbooks, you too can learn how to use fashion and style to boost your self-esteem while benefiting from a positive energy shift. Personal styling with Holly will get you on the train to fabulous in no time.

Holly Katz

Personal Stylist

Her mission: To transform the world for the better; one person at a time, one outfit at a time by stopping fashion criminals in their crocs – and making those who desperately need one to get a mirror.

After earning a degree in fashion design, Holly started working on the business side of fashion in New York City. After almost a decade in garment production, costing and design, she decided to break into the styling industry and attended the School of Style in Manhattan, focusing on personal, menswear, fashion and wardrobe styling. Armed with a deep knowledge of how the fashion industry works, and now certified to showcase a client’s personal brand, she relocated back to Atlanta to start her own styling business.

In the beginning, she assisted other stylists in Atlanta working on fashion show production for major department stores, retailers and bridal shows. Today, Holly Katz Styling boasts an impressive client list including celebrities, television networks, ad agencies, photographers and magazines. Holly Katz Styling is also frequently invited to give presentations to major corporations looking to polish their staff’s professional image. For both women to men, she’s teaching others that their emotional well being depends on how they feel about themselves. 

Nolan Meader

Celebrity Stylist

Originally from Maine, Nolan Meader moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion. After getting his start in fashion media, Nolan soon realized a passion for styling. His mission: to keep the world’s elite looking and feeling their best with the latest in fashion. Using his vast network of industry contacts and his relationships with legendary brands and retailers, Nolan has built a reputation for bringing the best of the runways to his diverse range of clientele from across the globe. From CEOs to influencers, socialites to television personalities, Nolan has worked with some of the brightest stars in fashion, media, and beyond. Building on recent experiences in both commercial television and editorial styling, Nolan is focused on expanding his reach and continuing to build a global clientele.

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